20/10/2020 KAUP’s ‘Smart Load Control’ provides damage free intelligent handling

KAUP’s ‘Smart Load Control’ provides damage free intelligent handling

Appliance Clamps are used world-wide for palletless transportation of white goods (fridges, washing machines etc.) and brown goods (electronic entertainment centres). The appliance clamp can be constructed to transport anything from one to sixteen units in one single lift.

This year KAUP unveiled its first ever ‘Smart Load Control’ system. This patented, intelligent system regulates the clamping force for appliance clamps, specific to the load it is handling. The aim of the Smart Load Control is to ensure that the correct clamping force is applied on the load, removing all pressure selection from the forklift truck driver.

The Smart Load Control system automatically adjusts its pressure according to the goods real weight detection. The lifting movement generates an automatic pressure adjustment until the load is lifted freely. This ensures damage free handling of goods, fast opening and closing speeds of the attachment and an energy saving of up to 30%.

Smart Load Control is the only system available on the market for large surface clamps that functions autonomously and without the intervention of the forklift hydraulic system, it works completely independently. A power supply is sufficient.

The system also eliminates another potential source of error, the forklift truck operator. The structure of the system prevents operators from intervening during the clamping process and from clamping too little or too much, thereby protecting the goods from damage.

In addition, the Smart Load Control can automatically log the clamp pressure used for each transport operation and record the data for future lifts. A record of the clamping force used and all clamping and loading patterns can be referenced at any time.

KAUP has designed this intelligent and autonomous Smart Load Control system to be compatible with their Appliance/ Carton Clamps T413G -T414. The system is available as a completely new unit or can be retrofitted to KAUP appliance clamp equipment already in use. The Smart Load Control System is available throughout the UK through B&B Attachments, KAUP’s only official UK distributor. Contact B&B Attachments Ltd – info@bandbattachments.com