T198G Snow Plough Blade

mechanically tiltable - with fork pockets, to clear to right or left side

Snow clearing is one of the many various applications of a forklift truck. During snow clearing "invisible" obstructions such as kerbs, manhole covers, gate holders can be expected. Therefore the KAUP Snow Plough Blade T198FG1 is fitted with flexible bottom flaps especially to protect the fork carriage and mast.

  • Strong, strengthened construction
  • Exchangable Polyurethan ridge serially (T198G1)
  • Four spring loaded flaps as option (T198FG1)
  • With mechanical swivel to clear right-left serially
Model Clearance width mm mm Weight kg
T198G1 1.700 2.000 220
T198FG1 1.700 2.000 320