23/03/2023 B&B Attachments announced as the official distributor for SW Paratus in the UK and Ireland

B&B Attachments announced as the official distributor for SW Paratus in the UK and Ireland

B&B Attachments, leading manufacturer and supplier of forklift truck attachments and material handling solutions, has announced its official role as authorised distributor for SW-Paratus, in the UK and Ireland.

Founded in 2016 by now Managing Directors Lars Wellerdiek and Ralf Schauties, SW-Paratus has developed and manufactured the innovative pallet sliding device, PSV-ULTRA, from its manufacturing facility in Halle, Germany.

The PSV-ULTRA is an innovative system which aims to optimise pallet handling and accelerate the flow of goods during the logistics process. The system works by allowing the forklift operator to place a loaded pallet into the device, the truck then pushes the new pallet under the load and into the PSV-ULTRA system, which quickly and efficiently exchanges the pallet.

The heavy-duty, roller-mounted slider easily compensates for any height differences between the old and new pallet. Pallets are exchanged and re-palletised in a matter of seconds, regardless of the pallet type. The pallet changer does not require any additional drive energy or complex hydraulics, and operating personnel can be trained in just a few simple steps to carry out the pallet change.

This patented pallet sliding device is used in various industries around the world, for ​​effortlessly swapping pallets whilst under a load. The system enables a smooth transition from wood to plastic pallets (including H1 hygienic pallets) or aluminium pallets.  The PSV-ULTRA can be made in stainless steel for hygienic areas or cleanroom production.

Mike Barton, Managing Director at B&B Attachments comments: “We are excited to add the innovation of the SW Paratus system to our already extensive portfolio of material handling solutions. The simple and ingenious creativity of the PSV-Ultra system makes it the perfect addition to our product range. We are looking forward to working together with SW Paratus and distributing this new technology, that will be game changing for many industries.”