Shaun O'Brien  -  Design Engineer

Shaun is a design engineer and is responsible for developing new products and the systems which will be used to produce them at B&B. Shaun improves the efficiency and performance of existing designs, machinery and equipment, systems and products.

Shaun’s role involves extensive research to determine whether a new product will be cost effective. Shaun spends most of his time communicating ideas to B&B’s clients. He uses his vast problem-solving skills, with creativity, a good knowledge of design software to come up with new solutions to material handling tasks.

What inspired me to do what I do? Design technology was the only subject I was both good at and enjoyed in school, my teacher was inspirational and encouraging, I still go to him for advice from time to time.

Random fact about me? I was a semi-professional skateboarder until I dislocated my ankle before starting uni and shop sponsor went under.

Best Advice? Don’t over think things, if it makes you happy, do it.