Truck Mounted Working Platform

By harnessing the versatility of the most common form of lifting equipment – the fork lift truck- a working platform attachment is the ideal solution for working at height.

Designed and constructed to exacting engineering and safety standards, the CageMaster platform system can be used with the existing fork lift truck.

What makes this product different from others is when the truck is switched to platform mode, this allows the truck driver only a restricted range of truck operations and then only with the consent of the platform operator.

The CageMaster system is already in regular use with some of the UK’s leading manufacturing, warehousing and disruption companies.   

  • Truck kit to adapt any truck for CageMaster use
  • Suitable for electric and IC engine counter balanced trucks
  • Lift heights to suit your application
  • Fork mounted
  • Single or double platform operator
  • Tilt indicator
  • Interlocked gate and heel locks
  • Harness point for each operative
  • More than one truck can be modified to use a single cage
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